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Extreme Tours Oman


"We came all the way from Norway to experience Omani nature and culture. An unforgettable trip was arranged for us by Extreme Tours. Comfortable transportation where all our needs were seen to, expert information and insight into Omani country life given by people who knew what they were talking about. Magnificent Mountain views, fascinating scenery and unbelievable mountain villages with terrace farming.
The service and the hospitality were impeccable thanks to Extreme Tours. Definitely recommendable to everyone including the elderly."
Ibrahim Hassan from Norway

"Nabeel was absolutely incredible, his passion for his culture is obvious. He takes great joy in showing you the hidden gems of Oman and is a wonderful guide. the tour made us feel pampered even though we were camping, while also giving us an understanding of real Omani life and culture. We really really enjoyed ourselves and the only thing I regret is not booking the tour for longer! there is so much to see and do in Oman but it's difficult to navigate it yourself (and we are experienced travelers) Nabeel was essential for us. I cannot recommend Nabeel's tour company (Extreme tours) enough!" Jennifer
November 17, 2018

"In a few word: fabulous experience that far exceeded my expectations. I think the Airbnb tours option is a new feature on the website. After being in Muscat for a few days and checking the different choices it became obvious that Nabeel's tour offered the best VfM (accomodation, entrances, transport, food, absolutely everything: the logistics side is very well taken care of). The tour is carefully crafted and offers a vast variety of cultural sightseeing as well as adventures. The hike through the snake gorge is simply out of this world. Touring through the small villages and stopping by was also a lot a fun - there was also a tour of a massive cave that was spectacular. His staff is very friendly, and Nabeel is a fantastic humain being, he cared for us in the most hospitable manner (even when my partner got sick, he came up with a plan B in less than a couple minutes). He is proud of his background, culture and history, and we had really great conversations. As it stands now, I highly recommend to book a tour with Nabeel, this is a new adventure company that highly deserves visibility. I'm also highly confident he is the most competitive on the market right now." Pierre-Yves
November 17, 2018

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  • Situated in the Southwest Asia, Oman is an Arab nation found on the coast of the Arabian Peninsula. On its west is Saudi Arabia and on its northwest is the United Arab Emirates.
    Visit Oman
  • One of the famous canyons of Oman requires you to scramble, slide and swim to cross from one village to another! Its narrow formation provides unique challenges to get through!
    Snake Gorge Canyonning
  • Estimated to be over 2 million years old, Al Hoota Cave is located at Jabal Shams, Oman’s epic mountain. It is around 4.5 kilometres, of which just 500 metres is accessible to the general public.
    Visit Al Hoota Cave
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About Extreme Tours Oman


Who We Are

Extreme Tours Oman has been established to promote diverse spectacular locations in Oman where adventurers can experience breath-taking spots and places. The unique chain of mountains, canyons and beaches make Oman a destination for passionate adventurers who are promised undiscovered beauties.

Extreme Tours Oman will facilitate and guide you to experience Oman in a different manner. We will combine your adventures with authentic Omani traditional culture. From the moment you land with us, you will experience the Omani hospitality, cuisines and life style. You will have the opportunity to live in an Omani traditional house and observe locals in an Omani village.

We have employed a team of professional adventure leaders and a number of local tourist guides to take you through this breath-taking experience.


Our Brand

Our logo defines our focus for our thrill seeking clients: mountains and wadis and everything in between.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to transform Oman into the adventure capital of the Middle East.
Our mission is to guide you into this fascinating world of endless thrills.

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